Blériot XI replica

Paul Thompson took these photos of the replica, in June 2004, at the Aviodrome in Lelystad.

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Blériot XXVII

Knut Erik took this photo at the RAF Museum in May 2004.

Fliegermuseum Duebendorf

These photos were sent by Hans Weber. They were taken at the Fliegermuseum in Duebendorf, Switzerland.

Commemorative flight from Gannestadjordet

Knut Erik Hagen took these pictures when Mikael Carlsson flew his Bleriot XI from Gannestadjordet outside Horten on 1st June to commemorate the first flight by a Norwegian naval (and military) aviator 90 years ago.

It might be irony in the fact that a Swede flying a Bleriot XI took to the air when celebrating Ltn. Dons who learned to fly to make sure that a Norwegian flew first over Horten instead of a Swede, but there are not many original (pre)WW1 aircraft available for display in the Nordic countries.

This Bleriot XI is an original aircraft that went into storage in a barn and was restored to flying condition by Mikael Carlsson who flies it on displays.

These photos were taken on a bright sunny day, and it was interesting to see how the flying surface appear when seen from underneath, AJP seems to be right.

Detail photos taken when the aircraft was dismantled for transport, it was a quick and easy operation which must have been standard procedure. To me it seemed like Mikael and his helpers spent as much time on wiping off castor oil as they did on unbolting the flying surfaces and releasing the turnbuckles so that it could be loaded up.

Blériot XI-2 Artilerie

These photos were taken by Knut Erik Hagen in June 2004, at the Norsk Teknisk Museum at Oslo.

Knut adds:
This is the Bleriot XI-2 Artillerie used by adventurer Tryggve Gran to fly across the North Sea a couple of days before the outbreak of WW1. Named "Ca Flotte" before the flight, "Nordsjøen" after the crossing, Pilot and aircraft impressed into service by the Norwegian Air Arms at the outbreak of WW1.

Maire-Jean Pascal

Maire-Jean Pascal ( ) is building a 1:1 scale Blériot and these are images of his "model".

RAF Museum

These photos were taken by Knut Erik Hagen in May 2004, at the new exhibit hall at the RAF Museum.

Rhinebeck Aerodrome

Mark Miller Took these photos of the Reproduction Bleriot in 1989 at Rhinebeck NY

Rhinebeck Aerodrome

And also these, of another reproduction Bleriot in 1998 at Rhinebeck NY

Blériot XI

Knut Erik Hagen took these photos in July 2003 at Shuttleworth.

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