The Michael L. Fritz award

These pics were sent by Ed Boll. He adds:
The Michael L Fritz award is given every year the modeller of the Best WWI aircraft. Each year's winner receives a plaque and his name is added to the perpetual Trophy The award is chosen solely by the previous winners of the award The second pic is a close-up of the Trophy to show the names of the previous winners---The Top names in building, as such there will never be a repeat winner ( judges/previous winners are ineligible) so it is a nice incentive to others to win this award, quite possibly one of the toughest to win due to the high standards set by those winners.

2001: Keith Ward

Keith Ward received it for his 1:28 Fokker Dr.I at the IPMS US National Convention in 2001 in Chicago.

The photo was sent by Bill Powers. Past and current award winners in the photo are from the left, Ben Guenther, Steve Hustad, Ed Boll, Keith Ward, Bill Powers, John Alcorn, and Ron Lowry.

2003: Lance Krieg

Lance Krieg received it for his 1:48 Felixstowe at the IPMS US National Convention in 2003 in Oklohoma City and he will join the judging team at next year's contest.

2004: Sanjeev Hirve

Sanjeev Hirve received it at the IPMS US National Convention in 2004 in Phoenix for his 1:48 RAF RE.8

2005 : Andrei Koribanics

Andrei Koribanics is the 2005 recipient of the award for his 1:72 Lohner L at the IPMS US National Convention in Atlanta.

2006 : David Straub

David Straub is the 2006 recipient of the award for his 1:200 Scratch-built Zeppelin L 32 at the IPMS US National Convention in Kansas City, Missouri.

2007 : Mark T Marez

Mark T. Marez of Fontana, CA is the 2007 recipient of the award for his 1/72 Alb D-II. at the IPMS US National Convention in Anaheim, California.

2008 : Buz Pezold

Joseph (Buz) Pezold of Pwder Springs, Georgia is the 2008 recipient of the award for his 1/72 scale Airframe Vaccuform kit of the Short 184 at the IPMS US National Convention in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

The Michael L Fritz Award plaque given to the winning modeller.
The Proud father !. Photo by Bill Powers (1999 Fritz award).
2006 MICHAEL L.FRITZ Award Winner (now judge), David Straub, inspects the winning model.

2009 : Harvey Low

First photo is by Karen Rychlewski and the second of Harvey Low, the Winner, from Steve Hustad.

2010 : Kevin Wenker

Ed Boll Writes:
This year's winner : 1/48 Scratch-built Caproni CA.3 and our new Frat Brother along with those who were there ( for the benefit of of our newer members, l to r are: Bill Powers (1999), Ed Boll (1990), Dave Straub (2006), Kevin Wenker (2010), Mark Merez (2007), Bill Devins (2000)

2011 : Ben Fulcher III

Ed Boll Writes:
For those who did not attend, attached are pics of this years new Frat Brother and his model.
He is Ben Fulcher III, (knelling in the middle of the 1st piche has been a member since joing as a "Junior" in the late 70's. He served as a Marine Pilot.)
In addition to the MLF, the 1/32 Dh-9a (WNW Kit) was 1st in Category, Judges Best Aircraft, and The Special 100th Anniversary of Naval Avaiation 1911 to 1939 winner.

2012 : Jose Ricardo Parion

Ed Boll Writes:

Attached are Pictures of the 2012 Michael L Fritz Memorial Award winner for Excellence in WW I Modeling. The Winning /c was a 1/48 Roden Bristol F2B by Jose Ricardo Parion of Barcelona , Spain.

The Group Photo Left to Right are: Dave Straub (2006) Bill Powers (2002), Jose Ricard Parion (2012) , Bill Devins (2003), Ben Guenther (1993) and Ed Boll (1990)

2013 : Joe LoMusio

Ed Boll Writes:

Attached are pictures for you to post, the 2013 Michael L Fritz Award winner from the IPMS Nats in Loveland CO.

  1/48  scale collection of 21 Nieuports, built by Joe LoMusio, Fullerton, CA

  Joe also won the Collection Category and the Overall Best Miscellaneous Subject and a 2nd place with a 1/32 WNW Roland in it's category (Individual MLF Award & Perpetual Trophy also displayed).

2014 : Bill Hollis

Ed Boll Writes:

1/32 Rumpler in Hangar by Bill Hollis, Etters, PA

2015 : Mark D. Smith

Ed Boll Writes:

The winning Model: 1/48 Taube by Mark D. Smith of Akron , OH

Left to right the previous Winners (judges) and Current: Jerry Creager (1997), Bill Powers(1999), Dave Straub (2006), Mark D. Smith (2015), Ed Boll (1990), Bill Devins (2000), Harvey Low (2009)

2016 : John Buongiorno

Ed Boll Writes:

The winning Model: 1/32 Rumpler C IV by John Buongiorno, Easley, SC

2017 : Ken Niles

Ed Boll Writes:

2017 Winner; Ken Niles of Fayetteville, GA and His 1/32 Fokker E-IV

2018 : Nicolas Poncini

Ed Boll Writes:

2018 Winner: Nicolas Poncini of Chiasso, Switzerland for his Scratch built 1/72 Short 184.

Previous Judges and... L to R, Ed Boll (1990), Bill Devins (2000), Dave Straub (2006), Nicolas Poncini (2018), Joe LoMusio (2013), Ben Fulcher III (2011), Mark Marez (2007) present but not pictures Kevin Wenker (2010). Previous winners are the sole Judges of this award.

2019 : Kendal Brown

Ed Boll Writes:

2019 Winner: Kendal Brown of Plano Texas for his 1/48 scale Scratch-built 1917 US NAVY Gallaudet D-1

Previous Judges and Kendal ( Previous winners of the MLF Award are the sole judges) L to R: Buz Pezold (2008 Kneeling), Ben Guenther (1993 Kneeling). Standing L to R: Ken Niles (2017), Harvey Low (2009), Bill Powers ( 1999), Ed Boll (1990), Kendal Brown (2019), Dave Straub (2006), Mark Marez (2007), Ben Fulcher III (2111) Present but not in picture - Bill Devins (2000)

This was the 30th consecutive year of the award.

2021 : Dennis Davison

Ed Boll Writes:

2021 Winner: Dennis Davison - 1/32 Gotha UWD

Previous Judges and Dennis ( Previous winners of the MLF Award are the sole judges) In Group Photo L to R: Ken Niles (2017), Mark Marez(2007), Dr. Kendall Brown (2019),Ben Howell (2011 in Back), Ben Guenther (1993), Ed Boll (1990), Dennis Davison (2021), Joe LoMusio (202013) not in picture: Dave Straub(2006), Bill Devins (2000) but at convention.

2022 : Bob Steinbrunn

Ed Boll Writes:

2022 Winner: Bob Steinbrunn - Bristol F.2b

Group Pic: L to R, Steve Hustad (1994), Dave Straub ( 2006), Bob Steinbrunn (2022), Ed Boll (1990), Ben Guenther (1993), Ken Niles (2017), Dennis Davidson (2021), Bill Devis (2000), Buz Pezold (2008). Additionally, Steve Hustad was awarded Judges Best Aircraft, Most Popular Model, and Judges Grand Award at the Convention for his Scratch built 1/72 Friedrichshafen FF 60, being a judge and as all previous MLF winners, are ineligible for a second MLF Award

2023 : Ken Acosta

Ed Boll Writes:

2023 Winner: Ken Acosta - 1/48 Nieuport 17

Group Photo : L to R: Ken Niles 2117, Rob Willis 1995, Kendall Brown 2019, Ed Boll 1990, Dave Straub 2006, Nicolas Poncini 2018, Ken Acosta 2023, Mark Marez 2007, Dennis Davidson 2011, Ben Fulcher 2011, Bill Hollis 2014 ; (not in picture - Steve Hustad 1994, Bill Devins 2000, Buzz Pezold 2008).

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