Mercedes D.III

David Watt's Restored D.IIIa

Ken Foran took these photos in September 2003 at the WWI Fly-in Dayton. (plus one pic each by Sanjeev and Lance).

Mercedes D.III 180HP at Kraków Aviation museum

Photos of the Mercedes D.III (D.IIIa?) engine in the Kraków Aviation Museum. The engine is incomplete and unrestored , but relatively clean. The photos were taken by Tomasz Gronczewski and Karen Rychlewski in August, 2003, and each photo is marked with its owner's name. Each thumbnail on this page will take you to another page with more photos of the same features of the engine.

Overall views
Rocker arms, covers, springs, etc.
Twin jet updraft carburettor
Water pump
Assorted details

Mercedes D.III 180HP at the Trelour Annex

This incomplete Mercedes D.IIIa engine is part of the Australian War Memorial Museum collection at the Trelour Annex and is not on public display.

The engine has a number of suspicious parts, namely the: modern automotive type spark plugs, the short bolts fitted to the propellor drive flange and a few modern looking hose clamps.

Persons who have a copy of my book, "The Daimler Mercedes D.IIIa Aircraft Engine - A guide for modellers", should note the following:

Persons wishing to view this engine should make arrangements as follows:

'The Treloar Annex is not open to the public, but access may be made available to serious researchers and veterans. For further information contact John White, Senior Curator for Military Technology on (02) 6243 4589 or by e-mail on'

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