Vickers Vimy

Adelaide Airport

Volker Häusler ( ) took the following photos. His description follows:

These are photos of the Ross/Smith Vickers Vimy of England to Australia fame. Note this is the original aircraft, as displayed at Adelaide airport. The aircraft is displayed in a rather dark building, with no direct access possible (understandable, given the historic nature of this aircraft), so again that's the best I could do.

London Science Museum

Don Ralston

These photos were taken by Don Ralston.

Knut Erik Hagen

Knut Erik Hagen sent in a series of pictures from Londons`s Science Museum. They show the Vickers Vimy flown across the Atlantic by Alcock and Brown. (Did fairly large scans as this is the first time I have managed to get decent pictures from that museum - it is necessary with with a strong flash.)

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