Sopwith Pup

Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Tony Bell took these photos.

Tony adds:
These are of the replica Sopwith Pup at the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Although the aircraft is on static display, it is in flyable condition.

Replica at Midland Air museum, Coventry

Paul Thompson took these photos in Dec, 2003.

Paul adds:
This is the Sopwith Pup replica about which I know nothing, at the Coventry Air Museum, England. The engine looks like a wooden dummy, so I doubt this was a flier. One photos shows the area under the tail, showing skid and it's cutout, and the access slot in front of the kingpost.

RAAF Museum, Point Cook

Neil Eddy took these images on a visit to the RAAF Museum at Point Cook. The subject is a full sized replica of a Sopwith Pup built in the 1980's. It is built largely to original specifications apart from a more powerful engine and tail planes and rudder, which are metal. Apparently this was done for strength as an earlier version had the tailplane collapse when it was built to its original wood and fabric format.

Update from Neil:

Thanks for posting the photos. I notice though that three other photos have 'snuck' in, which I would have posted an explanation of, if I had remembered they were in the zip file (oops). These are:

  1. The Charlie Chaplin figure. This is one of the two Chaplins that were on the sides of Captain Arthur Cobby's Sopwith Camel. It is on display in the RAAF Musueum. Cobby was the AFC's top scoring ace with 29 victories (third highest scoring Aussie).
  2. The Le Rhone rotary engine. This engine was dug out of a backyard in the suburb of Toorak in Melbourne about ten years ago. No-one is sure of what aircraft this engine came from or how it got to be where it was found. However, it is part of an original Le Rhone.
  3. The propellor. This is an original Sopwith Pup propellor, that RAAF staff found stored away on a RAAF base in NSW some years ago. The prop is not normally on display and lies about in one of the RAAF Restoration Unit's workrooms.

RAF Museum

Knut Erik Hagen took these photos May 2004.

Sopwith Dove (Pup) at Shuttleworth

Photos by Knut Erik Hagen, July 2003

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