Australian War Memorial, Canberra

They are of an SE-5a marked to represent that flown by Henry Garnett Forrest of 2 Sqn Australian Flying Corps. Forrest is generally attributed with 11 victories all whilst a flight commander in that squadron.

The aircraft is actually C'9539 , an RAF aircraft presented to Australia as part of the Imperial Gift in 1921 and was used by the then new RAAf as A2-4

The aircraft was displayed at the War Memorial in RAAF guise (silver doped, black registration number) for many years but when refurbished was painted in the WW1 colours.

Charles Hart, 1995

Charles Hart (hartc@spot.colorado.edu) took the following photos during a visit to the Australian War Memorial in Canberra, Australia in July, 1995. Charles' descriptions follow:

It is an original airframe that was in service in Australia until the mid-1920's. Unfortunately I did not note its serial number. The scheme it is displayed in, is that of an Australian squadron on the Western Front (didn't note the Squadron either) but this aircraft didn't belong to it.

Shane Weier, 1997

During my 1997 visit the curators told me that, in line with modern policy of "no false identities", at the next refurbishment it would be returned to either the RAF or RAAF serial number and period finish. Since then it has been removed from the AWM to the AWM's Treloar storage and restoration facility and may already be under restoration.

USS Intrepid Museum, New York

The following pictures were taken by Diego Fernetti. For more information, Diego can be contacted via E-mail at: dfernet0@rosario.gov.ar. His comments are below:

I'm attaching some pictures that I took last year during a trip to the U.S. Quality isn't the best, altough some good details are evident even for my camera. The SE5a details pictures were taken from the replica in the Intrepid Museum.

Omaka Museum, Blenheim, NZ

I have attached some pictures I took of the SE5a which is based at Omaka in Blenheim, NZ. It is a full scale reproduction built by "The Vintage Aviator Limited" (previously Wairarapa Aviation Ltd) Wellington from original Royal Aircraft Factory drawings. It is powered by a Hispano Suiza 180 hp direct drive engine built under licence by Wright Martin USA. The propellor has been built by TVA Ltd to original specifications.

RAF Museum

These photos were taken by Knut Erik Hagen in summer 2003.

See also propellor page

Science Museum, London, England

These photos were taken by Don Ralston.

SE.5 at Shuttleworth

These photos were taken by Knut Erik Hagen in summer 2003.

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