BE.2c at Imperial War Museum, London

Photos by Steve Cox

Photos by Knut Erik Hagen, July 2003

Click here to download a zip file of the full set of Knut's photos.

BE.2d at National Aviation Museum, Ottawa

Photos by Lance Krieg

Lance Kreig took these photo's of a BE2c at The Canada Air Museum.

Lance adds:
Note small metal bucket seat in rear cockpit, while forward 'pit uses familiar wicker seat perched on gas tank. The forward cockpit is illuminated by small deadlights on both port and starboard. Instrumentation includes floor-mounted inclinometer and compass. Cowl is saftied with a leather strap. The gray paint of this restored example is distinctly of a greenish cast - note small serial number painted on cowl chin.

Photos by Ted Harrity, Dec. 2000.

Gardermoen BE.2e

Knut Erik Hagen kindly provided these photos. They were shot at various times at Gardermoen.

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