Martinsyde Elephant

Ian Pearson Collection

These photographs were donated by Ian Pearson ( from his personal collection. His comments are below:

I attach a picture of a Martinsyde G100 or more likely a G102. It must have been a special used for home defence at Rochford or Stow Maries. Not upward firing guns for shooting down Zeppelins.

This a photograph my Grandfather Captain Kenneth Noble Pearson MC took. He returned home from 27 squadron at the end of the big push (1-7-1916 to 2-10-1916) to be part of the home defence against the Zeppelin threat.

The picture of my grandfather in a Martinsyde is staged. As it appears it was taken with hin choked up so he was level and then the back ground cut out. to give the impresion that he was flying. Very clever. Except the prop is not rotating.

I hope you like the picture of the special. Zoom in and look at the 3 machine guns under the centre part of the top wing. The upward pipe in front of the Cockpit must be a telescopic sight or something.

In his flying log he talks about firing Le Foueur Rockets from his Machine type 4036. (This could be a Martinsyde) Have you heard of these rockets? #

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