DeHavilland DH-4B

Lance Krieg took these photos in Sept 2003, at the USAF Museum, Dayton.

Lance adds:
Aircraft features brass wheel hubs, and the undercarriage bungees are white, retained with a leather belt. The generator brace is reinforced with white cloth tapes. The wingtip skids are wood, wrapped in olive drab fabric tapes. The plane is painted overall in olive drab, as a post war exemplar, and only the center section gravity tank escaped the attentions of the painter, remaining japanned black. The painter also neglected the wing root walks, which are natural plywood, varnished. The engine has a natural steel exhaust system, and drives a “S.H.A.M. Brevette SGDG” propeller of 31(!) laminations. Turnbuckles are brass, safetied with wire, which is in turn soldered. Pitot tube is copper. Rich brown leather cockpit upholstery.

Update received from Mark Smith ( who worked on the restoration: "I was looking at the photo's on your web site of the DH-4B @ USAF Museum. Our company restored that airframe and so I thought I would fill in a few items referred to in the photo's. The center section fuel tank is painted black per the Army Air Corp. spec of the time and is listed as black in the factory drawings. The wing walk is varnished per factory & Air Corp. specs, they were not painted. I do not know why they specified this though. The other item that your members might be interested in is that the prop is original and so are the decals. We removed the old cracked varnish very carefully from the prop to preserve the decals. Once striped we re-varnish the prop."

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