Bristol M.1C Monoplane


Volker Häusler ( ) took the following photos. His description follows:

10 shots of the Butler Bristol M 1C in Minlaton (on the Yorke Peninsular, 2 h driving from Adelaide). To the best of my knowledge, this is THE ONLY original M1 C surviving. The one in England is a replica only. There were some restrictions to the access when I was there (I could only photograph through the glass windows of the display), but in want of any better these will have to do - I doubt many have seen this aircraft, due to it's rather remote location... The aircraft had been converted to an inline engine at one time, and has only recently been brought back to it's (more or less) original configuration..

RAF Museum

Douglas R. Jones ( ) took the following photos. His description follows:

I am enclosing a set of scans of a Bristol M1-C in British training Squadron colors from the RAF Museum at Hendon. The scans are OK. I am still learning how to use my scanner. I do not remember where I bought the photos from. There are more that I have not scanned. A couple of cockpit shots etc. If you want them as well I can do so. If these are not of sufficient quality let me know and I will redo them. Also if you have any suggestions on scanning techniques I would be VERY interested in hearing them!

Bristol M.1C at Shuttleworth

Photos by Knut Erik Hagen, July 2003

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