Avro 504K

Canada Air Museum

Lance Kreig Took these photos at the Canada Air Museum.

Pretty standard… note that in this case all pitot fittings are aluminum. What are those copper tubes in front of the front cockpit?

RAF Museum

Knut Erik Hagen took these photos May 2004.

Science Museum, London, England

These photos were taken by Don Ralston.

Avro 504K at Shuttleworth

These photos were taken by Knut Erik Hagen in July 2003.

Click here to download a zip file of the full set of Knut's photos.

USAF Museum, Dayton

Mike Kavanaugh and Lance Krieg took these photos at the WWI Fly-in in Sept 2003.

Mike adds:"Attached are the Avro 504k photos taken at the WWI Fly-In on Saturday, 9-13-03, the one day that the aircraft was taken from the USAF Museum restoration facility for display. It was gone when I returned Sunday and was not in the museum so I can only guess it was returned to the restoration facility. Now I wish I had taken more pictures."

Lance notes:
This orginal machine is completing restoration in the Museum's shops. Of interest are the regular wire rigging and the fact that light travels through the painted upper wing.

The complete set of photos is available for download as a zip file.

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