Aviatik D.I

Technisches Museum, Vienna

Hans Trauner, Sep 2000

The following pictures are from Hans Trauner. For more information, Hans can be contacted via e-mail at: hans.trauner@nefkom.net

In the first days of September 2000 I visited Vienna. I found the Technisches Museum (Technical Museum) completely re-done. One of their exhibits is a Aviatik DI, partly stripped to show the construction. The Aviatik is preserved not as a military exhibit, but to show the technical standards of 1917/18. It lacks armament, complete cowling and cooler. Nevertheless it is a important piece of WWI aviation, especially as it is not 'restored' in any kind. To my knowledge it is a rare example where the original colours are still retained. The pics are self-explanatory, I think.

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