British Model Images
by Gabriele Zenoni

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Bristol F2b

Kit: Wingnut (1:32)

1:32 scale model of the Bristol F2b. The model was made just straight out - of - the - box but for some minimal details. The kit is by Wingnut wings. I painted it with Humbrol enamels following the instruction sheet.


Royal Aircraft Factory Fe8 1/72 Scale

Fully scratch-built model realized on the blueprints published in the monography Windsock Datafile N.74 by J.M. Bruce. Fuselage realized from copper thin gage. Wings cast in resin using a plasticard master. Central block of the engine in plastic, with the cylinders realized winding some copper wire around a plastic round core. Pilot nacelle realized by thermosetting a sheet of plasticard on a wooden mould. The numbers 6 and 6407 were drawn with corel draw9 and printed with a pc printer on a Tauromodel decal blank. The model was painted with Humbrol enamels. The actual airplane was the machine # 6407 flying with the squadron #40 in the summer 1916.


1/72nd RE-8 from the Airfix kit.

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