Italian aircraft
by Ken Zelnick

Smer Ansaldo SVA-5

Kit: Smer (1:48)

This is a Smer Ansaldo SVA-5 kit built OOB. I wish I remember how I did the wood grain, as I was quite pleased with it. I think I used a base coat of Testors Brown and covered it with Future floor finish. I think the wood grain was done with Testors Rust, or some other brown color. I gave the wings a base coat of Testors Radome Tan and again coated with Future. The green stippling was applied to the top wing with a piece of foam rubber. Rigging was done with monofilament fishing line. This model was built for the National Military Heritage Museum in St. Joseph, MO. Thanks to Stuart Malone for heading up this project and providing the kit.

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