by Ken Zelnick

Hobbycraft 1/32 SPAD XIII

Done in the markings of Italian ace Francesco Baracca. This was built mostly out of the box as an online review for the Roll Models web site. I added a few cockpit details, but the most significant change I made was to extend and round the wingtips to more closely resemble those of Baracca's mount. The wings in the Hobbycraft kit are the later, square-tipped variety. I brush painted this with Ceramcoat acrylics thinned with Future. I didn't think any of the Ceramcoat colors were satisfactory directly out of the bottle, so I mixed my own, trying to get as close as I could to the colors indicated on the box. When using these paints, keep in mind that they darken considerably when they dry. Rigging was done with 0.009 inch beading wire.
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