Allied Aircraft
by Michael Wuyek

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Civilian Avro 504K

Kit: Airfix (1:72)

This is the Airfx kit. It originally started life as the single seat night fighter conversion as depicted in the Harleyford book. Then I found this three seat barnstorming profile in an encyclopedia of aircraft (I can't remember the title) as well as an Air International article on the Avro 504 with profile paintings. The fuselage is lengthened, rear cockpit expanded and extra seat added. I didn't strip the original PC12 color from the single-seater, but painted the red over it and it looks like an ex-military machine. Tires are rubber "O" rings; landing gear, struts and tail skid scratch built. All lettering is hand-painted and it has weathered nicely.Original barnstormer build dates from 1979. It has been rebuilt 4 times. The Avro is one of my favorite British aircraft.

Farman F.30bis

Kit: Omega (1:72)

was my first resin kit by Omega, bought at Granddad's Hobby Shop in Fairfax, VA. Struts were replaced with styrene. I was missing one of the radiators and cast one by pressing the kit part in clay and using two-part epoxy. The resin colour looked so much like fabric, I left it unpainted. I completed the model in 1998 and the wings still show no signs of sagging. I rigged the model with stretched sprue. The decals went on with no problem.

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