Central Powers Aircraft
by Martin Wolf

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Albatros D.Va

Kit: Model Expo (1:16)

April 16, 2004

Just started the Albatros DVa from Modell Expo. After studying the contents of the kit - some nice goodies in there - , I discovered a lot of flaws and the parts to be rather basic. Nevertheless, it is a good starting point for kitbashing and to improve and scratchbuild new parts to make the aircraft authentic and super detailed as possible. I will proceed according to the building plans and improve from there on along the way. First up is the upper wing, start with the ribstiffners and capstripping , quite time consuming.

Jan 3, 2006

Work on the upper wing is progressing slowely, trying to detail it as much as possible. The black/white pic used for comparision is courtesy of the Albatros D.Va restoration book by Robert C.Mikesh. The 1/16 th scale lozenge is produced by Jaime from Arizona Model Aircrafters, its 5 color, shown the lower lozenge. Next are the compression bars and brackets together with the alignment wires. The brackets are a poor fit and will have to modify to make them fit properly. The turnbuckles are not of the best quality either and look slightly oversized, will have to scratchbuild them, using Ken Forans method. I stained the wing with transparent bamboo yellow. The next step will be the radiator, which is a solid casting, not quite convincing, will scratch build that as well and try to duplicate the "millions" of tiny pipes that run across, most probably with brass tubing and ofcourse the shutters not included in the kit !

May 1, 2006

I took a turn of event and decided to cover the entire Albatros..!! I am very pleased with the 1/18th scale Albatros Dva build by Alan Clark ( picture from "scratchbuild ! ) , a beautifull model..! So, no skeleton model of the Albatros this time , probably to dismay of some fellow modellers.( Jim Landon..?)

Since I am a VERY slow builder , it does have some advantages , I can spend less time on detailing the inner structures and pay more attention to what can be seen. ( The phrase " I know its there ", does not apply to me this time..! )

As can be seen , the radiator of the kit is very rude and the dimensions are not correct as well. First , I tried to use the housing and fill it up with the countless cooling pipes , but it just did not look right , so I scratchbuild one. The housing is made up of woodveneer and covered with alu foil. To give it a "used " look , I incorporated some "repair patches ".

The cooling pipes are brass tube kept together with brass sheet. No, I have no idea how many tubes are in there..! The radiator vent is from the kit radiator. Not seen on these pictures , I filled the seam between the vent and the radiator with woodglue , works perfectly.

The cooling shutters are all from brass sheet, but.....I made a vital mistake there..!! The shutters are pointing into the wrong direction ( aft ) , they should point forward , to scoop up the cool air coming from the front offcourse. The differential pressure between upper and lower part of the wing should take care of the rest. I realised this when the whole unit was already finished, and honestly , I was reluctant to start all over again..!! ( oh well..) Next up , covering of the wing.

As mentioned before , I obtained the 1/16th scale lozenge ( 5 color ) from Jaime Johnston from Arizona Model Aircrafters as a special order. The colors and texture are beautiful to scale and the stuff is very easy to work with !! www.arizonamodels.com The covering is very thin ( and strong ), it is adviced to paint the sticky side first to obtain better contrast before applying. Since my model is a static one ( no fly ) , weight is no issue , so I decided to cover the wing first with antique linnen and then apply the lozenge.

The advantage is, that I could apply the lozenge in panels , conform to the NAMS Albatros. The trailing edge is from soft wire and "pre scalloped " to give the desired effect. As opposed to the "Stropp" Albatros , I used the lozenge for rib tape , instead of the blue or pink. Why..? Simply because I had no pink or blue rib tape handy, was eager to get the wing finished , and think the lozenge tape looks smart..! So much for authenticity....!!

December 13, 2006

Very little progress in the last couple of months , I managed to finish the upper and lower two wings. The crosses ; the white border was sprayed on first with white acrylic paint , painted the whole cross a fractional larger then the dimensions of the black cross. The black cross is from white decal paper , painted black with black acrylic and applied over the white cross , as simple as that. The whole lot was sealed with Future.

Next up are the tail feathers , hope to have an update sooner..!!

Aviatik 30.27

Kit: Scratchbuilt (1:48)

The Aviatik 30.27 is a kitbashing conversion of the Aviatik 30.40 from an Alliance resin kit.The wings are made up of brass rod and 0,4 veneer. Covered with heatshrink linnen.The cockpit is fully scratchbuild with brass tubing, 0,4 veneer, etch from EDUARD ( seatbelts & instruments) and leftovers from my Hasegawa 1/8 Sopwith Camel. As I build up the cockpit, I realised that the resin fuselage is way too thick for scale appearences.Next time I will have to thin it down!

June 13, 2003

August 4, 2003

February 9, 2004

The prop is hand carved from layers of different colored wood glued together. The cowling is the original kit part from alliance, airbrushed with testors alu. I tried to form the cowling from alu sheet, but proved difficult in this scale ( 1/48 ). The alu covering behind the cowl is from alu sheet which I obtained from a print shop. I used the resin fuselage of the Alliance Aviatik30.40, and covered it with thin wood veneer.

The vertical stabelizer is carved from solid wood , rudder and elevator are soldered brass tubing, covered with heat shrinking antique linnen , as used on RC aircraft. So are the wings, ribs made of thin wood veneer and the spars are brass tubing. Ailerons soldered brass tubing, struts from brass ( strutz ! ) airfoiled shaped. The airspeed indicator on the left forward strut was a project in its own right ! The rigging from sewing thread, pulled tight with turn buckles ( !! ) and soaked with super glue for rigidity.

The main gear also strutz and the spoked wheels from photo etch eduard, tires are rubber "O " rings. I did not paint the struts and the main gear, felt that the brass look is authentic enough, I took that one from Ken Foran's models. ( are they terrific or what...!!!)

The trailing edge of the wings is made from silver thread attached to the ribs with super glue after giving it a scalloped appearance. Cockpit coaming from electric wire insulation.

The only reference I could find on this aircraft is from "Austro-Hungarian Army Aircraft of World war one" by P.M.Grosz , G.Haddow and P.Schiemer.

So, some little details are guess work in line with the Aviatik tradition.

Aviatik D.I

Kit: Scratchbuilt (1:48)

Here some photo's of my fully scratch build Aviatik DI, my first attempt to do so. References used, Albatros data file Aviatik DI, P.Groz AH aircraft of WWI. Materials used are; fine wood veneer( for the "planking"), left overs from my Hasegawa Sopwith 1/8 for the fuselage and longerons, brass tubing for tail feathers, ailerons, flight controls, thin alu sheet for engine cover and pilot seat.Layered veneer for air screw !! Commercial items; mercedes engine from eduard modified to austro daimler, spoked wheels from flashback DI kit, control stock from eduard.

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