Allied Models
by Ross Whitaker

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Airco DH.5

Kit: Karaya (1:48)

Here some photos of the Karaya Airco DH.5 I just completed. It is SOB except for added fuel line, pitot tubing, and telescopic sight. I used "Wonder Wire" for the bracing wires and 1lb test colored monofilament for the control lines. Gunze paints hand mixed....clear dope was their Sail Color mixed 1:1 with their Radome tan, and the PC10 is their FS34079 with red-brown added to give that "muddy green/brown" appearance. Nice kit, very well cast, not to many pin holes, sharp detail inside & out, paper thin trailing edges, fits nicely, only issue was attaching the Vickers gun...that was poor. Dihedral of upper wing about half of what it should be according to drawing in Windsock Datafile 50.

Sopwith 1 1/2 Strutter

Kit: Roden (1:48)

Here are a few photos of my Strutter. Gunze paints, clear coat with Future. Wires are 1 & 2lb. test monofilament line, essentially s-o-b. Hope you like it.

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