by Tim West

My name is Tim West and I have been into computer generated art for sometime now. With a passion for W.W.I era aviation , I have spent a lot of time working with the subject. Recently I have been doing 3D renderings and have posted some of my work here. I hope you enjoy it. You can view my current work here:

Basic 3 view of a SPAD XIII-C1. The scheme is that of Georges Guynemer's S.504.
Again this is Guynemer, this time on patrol.
Profile of S.504. This was Georges Guynemer's last mount.
Truly a great pilot.
Depicted here is Eddie Rickenbacker's SPAD 4523. This plane is featured in many photos with Capt. Eddie.
Again from a different angle and lighting.
USAS 94th Aero "Hat in the Ring" in action! Eddie Rickenbacker was awarded the Medal of Honor.
Balloon Busting in late spring of 1918.

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