R/C Models
by Eduard Werner

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Bezobrazov Triplane

This is the first step to a Bezobrazov triplane. The fuselage is Selitec, a foam used for noise insulation of floors. The wings are 1.5mm balsa, the booms are glass-fibre. It flies reasonably well, and I'm planning an R/C version with about 1m wingspan. But who knows which other projects meddle, and sometimes even I have to work ...

Fokker Dr.I

This is my Simprop Fokker Dr.I. Not very scale as such: Too much red, no balanced elevator, lots of dihedral. I've flown her about 20 times; she comes off the ground with a geared 280 an can even do some simple acrobatics -- better than the EIII. However, she still feels more underpowered than the EIII and is retired now until I have a nice brushless powerplant. The rudder is new. Ah yes, and I have added ailerons, but they didn't amount to much ... Only two days after I wrote this I got my yellow-bl. Two servos + gyro were in the plane already, so I had to cut off the nose and the accu compartment for the broad yellow-bl and the thicker LiPoly accu. It's a real pain: The fuselage is too small to put everything in and furthermore some of the stuff needs cooling. On the left photo you can see the result ... yeah, it's ugly, and the only comfort is that you can hardly see anything from the ground (the long antenna does show, however). I flew her today. Omigod, tail-heavy as anything, all the trim + elevator was needed and she got down undamaged only by sheer luck. Only the fifth flight looked halfway decent. Looks breathtaking in the air, and getting straved (I know, never fly above yourself or others but I love to anyway) is really impressing. I have to sort out that elevator, it's fluttering, too. Rudder is ok, aileron crisp and exact, and LOTS OF POWER for acrobatics!!! I flew her for about 10 minutes (getting dark already) and it was real fun, but I would definitely not recommend this model to any beginner!

Fokker E.III

This is my trusty Fokker EIII (Lenger). She weighs about 350g and flies very nicely with a geared 280 and a 1200mA Kokam LiPoly (up to 30mins). I had always wanted to add a lot of scale details when it was new (third photo), but after the first flight came the next, and the next ... So I only replaced the original undercarriage (a very soft steel rod) with something closer to the original. Now it's pretty battered as you can see from the different colors. Once a wing dowel broke, so I had to reconstruct half of the fuselage and replaced the too thin wooden dowel with glass-fibre ones (second and fourth photo). The other day after a really soft landing the left elevator came off -- broken dowel again. That's why the elevator has a different color now. I doubt I'll add any details. She's fun to fly and will be a testbed for the brushless yellow-bl I've ordered.

Pfalz Triplane

Kit: Aerodromerc/scratch (1:?)

That's the Aerodromerc Pfalz D.IIIa I converted to the Triplane Prototype. Thanks to Don Ralston to provide me with information. AUW is 690g, the powerplant a pimped Yellow-BL. Very slow flyer, but doesn't seem to have any vices.

Sopwith Triplane

Kit: Kavan (1:?)

A Kavan Sopwith Triplane with a geared 280. She already weighs about 250g w.o. R/C, so I didn't feel like flying her with the supplied powerplant. After the decease of my V.8, however, I gave her the Kontronik Dancer and found her very appropriately powered.

Albatros Dr.1

Kit: AerodromeRC (1:9)

This is the prototype of the AerodromeRC Albatros Dr.1. The lozenge was a lot of work! I am very proud of this one, not only because I picked up a few new building techniques, but especially because I had talked the designer into this project. That I was then allowed to build the prototype and successfully did so is the highlight of my modelling career so far. The powerplant is a Ditto, tailored by Ralph Okon for this plane. It's a fine flyer, has lots of power for aerobatics and looks breathtaking!

Curtiss Canuck

Kit: aerodromerc (1:13)

This is the Canuck from aerodromerc, covered with litespan and powered with a Speed 480 1.8:1 (the bird can only take a 8x4 prop). Flies very nice. I took the color scheme from a few photographs I found on the internet looking for a Canuck -- I'm not sure whether it was really one (U.S. Navy markings) but I still think it looks very nice :-)

Fokker Dr. 1 (Jacob)

Kit: aerodromerc (1:8)

This is the very nice kit from aerodromerc. Much fun to build, and I hope she will fly just as nice. I've decided on the finish - this will be Jacob's mount. She's an excellent flyer with nice handling capabilities and sturdy enough to take one of those bad karma days w.o. too much damage.

Fokker V8

Kit: myself (1:10)

Yep, I did it. I have also changed a Fokker Dr.1 for FMS (great simulator) to a V.8 and it was so much fun to fly I had to start this. I'm building her from 4mm depron and balsa, the middle wing is reinforced with a kevlar longeron. On the second picture, you can see her ride pick-a-back on my battered Fokker Dr.1. The third picture features the UC (w.o. tires yet), the fourth shows the upper part of the fuselage (made from Selitec(r) which is easier to bend than depron) and the motor (kontronik brushless). Since there are so little photos known of the V.8 I thought I should add a few showing her in flight (350g weight), since I just had to maiden her today in spite of the nasty wind. She will need several modifications, however: The wings must become more rigid, the CG must be moved forward and therefore the UC must be reconstructed. But hey, according to the number of flights accomplished this is not a model, this is the original!! I will add a nice finish (as I hope) when she flies well, hopefully during the next weeks.

Nieuport Triplane

Kit: Aerodromerc/scratch (1:8)

This is the N.17 from Aerodromerc converted to a Nieuport Triplane (back-stagger). The build was straightforward; it's a stick and tissue construction covered with polyspan. Flies very nicely on a brushless ditto with 3 cells LiPoly. I am very pleased with that one although I messed up the wing alignment a bit.

Pfalz A.I

Kit: Aerodromerc (1:11)

This is the Aerodromerc kit for a 36" span Morane L in the Austrian colors. It was designed for rudder and elevator only, but I have removed the wing dihedral and added wing-warping.

A.D.Scout "Sparrow"

Kit: scratch (1:?)

About a year ago (in 2004), I asked about the Sparrow and Karen sent me some wonderful stuff. I couldn't resist. So I didn't even bother to draw my own plans but I simply enlarged the 3-view, pinned it down and started building. Wing structure and elevator were done when the winter season closed down my building shed. After that, lots of other projects have interfered, but I will finish her one day, no doubt.

Fokker Dr.1 (Udet)

Kit: AerodromeRC (1:12)

This is a prototype kit of the small Fokker Dr.1. I have equipped her with a small brushless motor and three small standard servos. AUW is 10oz. She's a nice and stable flier (nothing for a beginner, though), with lots of power for aerobatics. Covering is litespan, the streaky Fokker finish is done with a brush and Vallejo acrylics, the black and white stripes are litespan.

Wight Quadruplane

Kit: scratch (1:8)

This is my first project done with CAD-plans and cutfile and a custom-cut kit I have designed myself. When it is debugged it will be available through AerodromeRC and AerodromeRC Deutschland. The model shows the second prototype of the Wight Quadruplane, wingspan is about 78cm and length ca. 85.cm. Power is a brushless doubleditto which had been in my now retired Nieuport Triplane. AUW is 900g with a 2100mAh 3s LiPoly.

Flight characteristics haven't shown any vices, only the ground handling is difficult due to the very high landing gear with the legs close together. The plane has a negative wing incidence like the original, so it flies with a slightly hanging tail. With half of the wing surface in the airscrew slipstream, she can be flown very slow and is definitely much fun to fly!

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