Paper card Models
by Eduard Werner

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Aviatik-Berg D.I

Kit: Kartonowa Encyklopedia Lotnictwa (1:44)

I only wanted to post this when she would be finished. But I don't like the paper propellers and heaven knows when I will feel like making a wooden one. Ah yes, and the rigging. There is none, but you can see my first attempt at spoked wheels here - turned free-handed with my Dremel from hard foam.

My card models

These are my card models so far (from Fiddler's Green). I took to them as something relaxing in the evening, but they turned out surprisingly nice. The morane is a free download from and my first card model. I've scored the ribs from the inside to some effect (better than nothing). The undercarriage is made from toothpicks which are too thick. I had lots of problems with the fuselage and the undercarriage of the J1, but it looks ok from far away :-) The Dr.1 is in the colours of Bruno Lörzer. It features movable rudder and elevator and would have movable wheels if I had been a bit more conservative with that CA :-( It furthermore features missing wing skids and a missing cockpit. The propeller looks much worse than the wooden propellor of the E.V so I think I'll carve again. I just need some nice idea for the engine -- I'm not satisfied with them yet. The Fokker E-V is not yet finished (two struts missing and some color to add; has a wooden propeller (my first propeller-carving experience) which needs some sanding. But since I don't think I'll do it soon I thought I'll upload it the way it is.

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