Allied Model Images
by Jean-Baptiste Verlhac

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Ansaldo Balilla

Kit: Karaya (1:48)

Enclosed , you'll find some in progress shots of my 1/48 Ansaldo Balilla (Karaya). The model is really superb and it's a resin model that could be build as an injection molded one.

DeHaviland DH-2

Kit: Eduard (1:72)

Enclosed are some pictures from an Eduard 1/72 DH2 I've resisted to smash after an hair dry session (to accelerate the varnish drying process,AVOID!!!). Just notice how the rigging induce some particular stress on the plastic ;-)

Hanriot HD.1

Kit: Eduard (1:48)

Eduard Limited edition in Italian markings.

Hanriot HD.1

Kit: Eduard (1:48)

Hanriot brothers (Eduard 1/48) one HD1 in Italian markings, the other an HD2 in a French suit.

Nieuport 11

Kit: Eduard (1:48)

This is a Nieuport 11 (Eduard 1/48).

Nieuport 17

Kit: Eduard (1:48)

This is a Nieuport 17 (Eduard 1/48).

Ansaldo SVA5

Kit: Choroszki Modelbud (1:72)

Here is a SVA 5 (1/72 model from Choroszki Modelbud) painted in the wellknown italian scheme. Some of the photos are a little bit fuzzy and I'll try to provide better shots.

Eduard 1/72 Spad XIII

Kit: Eduard (1:72)

Eduard 1/72 Spad XIII. It's really a pleasure to built it, the fit is almost excellentRegards

MAC 1/72 Spad VII

Kit: MAC (1:72)

Enclosed you'll find some pictures of a recently completed Spad VII from MAC Distribution (1/72). The Guynemer markings come from the Carpena decal sheet devoted to the "Escadrille des Cigognes". I've followed the painting instructions depicted on this decal sheet mentioning two colors for the front area: Olive green (Hu 155) on the metal lic parts and Buff (Hu 94) under the cockpit , the rest of the airplane being Doped linen. The MAC model suffers from injection problems (at least mine....) on the wings, otherwise the detail is very good.

Ruffo di Calabria's Spad VII

Kit: Special Hobby (1:48)

Enclosed are some pictures of a Special Hobby 1/48 Spad 7 from Ruffo di Calabria (91a Squadriglia) . I've done minor correction to the model (the starboard panel near the cockpit should be removed ), but there is other mistakes that I left uncorrected (probably I'll try to fix them on another model): the cockpit aperture does not have the correct asymetrical shape (in the special hobby model it looks like a Sopwith Pup...). The major flaw is the position of the exhaust pipes and the shape of the upper cowling area (difficult to fix)

Anayway the fit is almost excellent and the resin cockpit is really beautiful.

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