Russian Aircraft
by Mark Vaughan-Jackson

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Nieuport 17

The kit is the Hobbycraft 1:32 Ni. 17 done as the infamous "Bob" with the kit decals. Construction of this - the first OT model I've finished in probably 10 years _ was pretty much Out of the Box. Inspired by the interiors of the other list members I gamely set to with a will in the cockpit. . .which you of course can't see in these. Believe it or not crammed in there are: forward gas tank, ribs and stringers, new throttle mount, scratch built instrument dials, lightening holes for the seat, seatbelts.

The kit is rigged with Fender steel guitar string (.06 if memory serves.) with separate push rods added to the rear of the engine cylinders (again invisible.)

For the colour scheme I wanted a non-shiny aluminium with a hint of streakiness so I ended up giving the whole thing a shot of Tamyia flat aluminium followed by a does of Rub 'n Buff silver, applied with a eyebrow sponge. That was then sealed with Gunze Sangyo clear, decals added, and another seal of Gunze. The engine was given a quick weathering rum with more Rub n Buff and the kit's prop given the treatment with Testors wood and a dry brushing of tamyia red brown.

All in all quite proud of this kit. . .though the more I look at it the more areas I spot that could/should have been better. Though it was the only OT entry it won third at the only public model show here in Newfoundland Hobby Show 2000, back in April in the senior large scale aircraft category, beaten out by a stunning clip wing Spirtfire XIV and an impeccable 48th scale PBY 5 from RAF Coastal command.

Perhaps the best thing about this kit was that it was inspired by and enhanced by all of the things I learned on the list. . . .thanks to stumbling accross your site one day a few weeks ago, my modeling life has changed for good. Love it. . I have consigned all jets to the back of the pile and now am focusing on OT or biplane subjects for a while.

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