Siemens Schuckert D.III
by Candice Uhlir

This is the original Eduard limited-run release of the Siemens-Shuckert D.III, which I built at the request of Ed Maloney of the Planes of Fame Air Museum, for display in their model musuem. The kit has recently been re-released by Flashback, with different decals.

Some WW1 modelers complain the the lozenge provided by Eduard is too bright. This may be, but a little coating of the model with Polyscale Dust, Dirt, and Mud in the appropriate areas dulls the lozenge down to where it looks pretty good.

I also did a little experiment in weathering with this kit. WW1 aircraft were notorious for streaming oil from the spinning rotary along the fuselage with the slipstream. I put some Testors Exhaust metalizer on a small long haired paint brush, positioned it forward of the engine, and "blew". Voila, nice oily streaks in the direction of the slipstream ! If you put a little too much on just whip it off and try again, but coat the model with acrylic such as Future first!.

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