Central Powers Models
by Mårten Tyllström

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Albatros W.4

I would like to express my humble thanks to Steven Perry who let me use his Windsock Datafile for more than a year. Without getting mad at me! Shane Weier is also worth mentioning for his help. This is a conversion from an old Fuji D.III kit. I kept the fuselage and made the rest from scratch. I added interior details made of bits and pieces after my own head. The spandaus came from a friends spare boxes.

The floats are made of balsa wood as are the beeching dollys. The whole thing is rigged with stretched sprue. I painted the model by hand, even the crosses. Although satisfied with the result, I think the fuselage became too dark. I can live with that.

Eduard Pfalz DIII

I took some photos of my Pfaltz DIII some time ago. IT is an Eduard non profipack kit in 1/48 scale. Built OOB. I used a kind of homemade mix of Humbrol flat black and white and added a tiny bit of aluminum paint. No 56 I believe. After it had dried I rubbed the wingsurfaces with some SNJ powder. Decals and interior details came with the kit.

It isnt rigged in the photos and has not been so in real life either. I had it rigged some time ago but a smaller misshap with the landing gear lead to the deletion of all rigging. IŽll get around to it some day.

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