Allied Model Images
by Mårten Tyllström

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Caudron G.IV

This is my first effort with a vacuformed kit. It's a Caudron G.IV made by Phoenix. On that one I used almost everything included on the two sheets of plastic. (Which wasn't much). I made the booms of some dark wood often used by boatmodel builders. I also used this to make the floor in the fuselage and the same kind of wood for the props. I used toothpics for the struts. At most places I used streched sprue for rigging material but I also had some copper thread to represent wire here and there. In those cases I twisted it twice for realism. Last I made two pairs of spoked wheels with said copper thread.

Sikorski S-16

I have tried to "Ugulano-phase" a 1/72nd Dakoplast (Eastern Express) Sikorsky S-16 during the last 2 weeks. This is how it turned out. It's done almost OOB. I only modified the seat a bit and added seatbelts, rigging is a must of course. Turned out OK I think. Overall a nice model. Will look good in company with the Illya............someday.

Sopwith Camel

Revell 1/72 Sopwith Camel. It is done straight OOB and whent together very nice and fast. Almost Ugulano phase!! Since the photos were taken I've rigged it with heat streched sprue. Color scheme might be incorrect but I like it as it is.


These are some photos of an Airfix Spad 7 started a year ago.

I have been fiddling with the interior some. I have also made a mock up engine for it. Painting the interior and adding some instrument is what´s left before I close the fuselage. The wings are somewhat changed in that I have thinned them down considerably reducing the 'washboard-effect'. No photos of them yet. Hope you all like the photos.

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