WWI Models
by Paul Tsekas

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This page is the main page for images of models built by Paul Tsekas . Each thumbnail will take you to a separate page with several images of that model. Some pages will have images of several different models. For more information, Paul can be contacted via E-mail at: tsekas1 at teledomenet dot gr .

1/48 Scale Flashback Sopwith Pup

Kit: Flashback (1:48)

The model will be finished as to depict a machine belonged to the Royal Hellenic Naval Air Service (RHNAS), based at Moudros Bay (North East Aegean), and took place at the raids against the Ottoman fleet at Dardannellia Straits. The Machine piloted by SubLt Moraitinis (an early legend of the Hellenic Air Force) was Beardmore built and finished in PC 10 over CDL and carried full British Markings as was operating within the 3rd Naval Wing.

Photos 1,2 - left and right fuselage part. Full interior reproduced from plastruct's square strip and rigged with stretched sprue. Throttle, and interspar connections made from PE from Tom's Modelworks' set concerning Nie. 17.

Photo 3 - Instrument panel, made from scratch using Eduard's British bezels, the machine guns came from Roden's 1 1/2 Strutter kit and more details soon to be added! Also, the undercarriage main spar was made from Contrail's airfoil sections.

Photo 4 - Cowling detailed with a round section from Fotocut spoked wheel. The kit part was extensivelly reworked to achieve the right shape in the front air cooling slots and further detailed with plasticard.

Photo 5 - The scimitar shaped prop (for which I'm particularly proud, although George and Costas do not agree!) came from Roden's 1 1/2 Strutter kit, and first coated with Gunze acrylics (tan and dark earth mix) then masked and airbrushed with a darker brown mix, then sprayed with a clear orange-isopropyl alcohol mix.

Photo 6 - Fuselage completed with exaust canal from plasticard, the cocpit floor was rigged and detailed as the fuselage sides.

Photos 7,8 - General view of the progress so far. Ready to start the engine adventure, stay tuned!

Sopwith 1 1/2 Strutter Type 9400S RNHAS

Kit: Roden (1:48)

The model depicts Sopwith Strutter N.5249, a type 9400S ordered on 25.6.16 under Cont No C.P.119038/16 from Man Egerton & Co Ltd as their type D, powered by 110-hp Clerget 9Z. The machine was delivered at Felixtowe store on 15.4.17, arrived at Mudros on 16.8.17 erecting there by 1.12.17. Mitylene by 1.3.18-4.18; Thasos by 6.18-1.19. It was one of the machines that belonged to the “Z” flight operating under British command over the Aegean Sea during the WW1 against the Otoman Empire, and then handed over to the –then embryo- Royal Hellenic Naval Air Service.

These aircrafts played a very important part during the Asia Minor Campaign by granting the Hellenic Air Force supremacy. They were kept operational untill the end of the campain on August 1922. The model was based on the Roden kit, extensively detailed in almost all areas. Comprises scratch built cockpit area, dashboard, scarf ring, pitot tubing, Rotherham pump and tailskid. The Vector Clerget 110hp engine was used as well as the Part photo etched detail set. All turnbuckles are scratched from streched plastic tubing.

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