Pfalz aircraft
by Paul Thompson

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Pfalz E.I

Kit: JGMT (1:48)

Not much to tell. The kit was very good. I just added a few cockpit bits, some pulleys on the top pylon, replaced the Spandau front with a spare PE jacket, made a windshield, replaced the tail skid and support with Strutz and a carved toothpick, and drilled a deep hole in the solid fuselage where Moranes and Pfalzes have one. The markings are the generic, hysterical, crosses all over style, with no serial.

Roden Pfalz D.III

Kit: Roden (1:32)

Additions to kit minimal - masking tape seat belts, replaced the control surface hinges with staples, drilled and pinned all struts, added tyre valves from wire, punched out a mirror from plastic card and Bare Metal foil. Rigged with EZLine. Silvergrey was a mix of Humbrol white, light grey and Metalcote matt aluminium. The kit decals went on okay, but didn't react at all to Microsol and Set. Crisply enough printed, but I didn't like the simplified stencilling. Had no altrenatives so used them. Overal a very nice kit, accepting that the insides need a bit of carving to persuade them to fit.

Roden 1:72 Pfalz D.IIIa

Kit: Roden (1:72)

This is the Roden Pfalz DIIIa in 1/72nd. Rigged with rolled copper wire, with globs of yukkie white glue for turnbuckles. Silbergrau is a mix of Humbrol Metalcote matt aluminium, and some old grey stuff from a tin that was drying out. I found the fit and engineering of this kit to be much better than the Mac offering which I've previously built, especially the struts. The slightly odd separate front decking was no problem after a lot of test fitting and whittling. The only bit I really didn't like was the adjustment needed to the tailplane locating slot, and a molding defect that had swollen part of the underside of the lower wing and required a fair bit of sanding and rib reinstating. The Spandaus are an Eduard set.

According to the blurb on the instructions, this machine was with Jasta 31 on the Western Front in the spring of 1918

Pfalz E.IV

Kit: ICM (1:72)

Pfalz EIV. ICM 1/72nd kit.

I cut about 1 cm off the fuselage and repositioned everything to make it more or less match the datafile.Also used a Part detail set for some additions. Finally spoilt it all by making the fuselage black trim too wide. Well, done is done. Better luck next time.

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