Other British Aircraft
by Paul Thompson

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Armstrong-Whitworth FK-8

Kit: Pegasus (1:72)

AW FK8 Big Ack is the Pegasus 1/72nd kit with much added internal detail that you can't see. Dennis Ugulano's build in Internet Modeller inspired me to do this one.

Avro 504K

Kit: Smer (1:48)

Smer Avro 504K in 1/48th. Stuff refined, etched markings removed, cockpits added, undercarriage replaced, rigged with monofilament. Otherwise uncorrected and out of the box.

Vickers Vimy

Kit: Frog/Chematic (1:72)

Chematic repop of the Frog almost-bomber version of the Vickers Vimy. Some parts from the NOVO issue (bathing wings in MEK is bad for business). Corrected to the Stair plans in the Windsock Datafile, using an old article from PAM News as a guide (much thanks to whichever listee sent me this - I ungratefully forgot who. I forgot to correct the exhaust locations on the nacelles. The only photo I've seen of this machine isn't clear regarding strut finish or much else really, so I've finished it overal in Xtracolour RFC Green. You can see that the rear Scarf ring wasn't installed. Anyone wanting a blow by blow, really pedantic version of what all this entailed, as of 28th March 2007 it's part of a Frog group build over at http://gregers.7.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?t=2873&start=30&sid=a1eae0312f187f897f7ae21aa625fcaf

Avro 504k

Kit: Blue Max (1:48)

Other than much sanding needed to make space for the white metal interior framework, a very nice kit to build. The seats also needed a lot of sanding, and I scratch built lap belts from a drawing in the Windsock datafile. I had some trouble with the main undercarriage legs repeatedly breaking off after rigging was completed. By the 3rd time they'd grown about 1mm longer so that the spreader bar now touches the skid. Wrong, but not too obvious, and they haven't broken since. Rigging is EZLine, split in half for the control lines. Paint is mostly Humbrol, the PC10 mixed from H155, 33 and 29.

Vickers FB5

Kit: Pegasus (1:72)

An almost out of the box build, with the addition of tape seat belts, countless little punched-out pulleys, and 123 rigging and control wires. Plus a spring. And Part control horns. I've used the kit decals for a machine that appears as photo 35 on page 20 of the Datafile, although I think I see part of a serial on the rudder. It's an RNAS machine but further remains a mystery. I am aware that the pulley system anchored to the flying wires is too large, but it's the best I can do. I'd like to do the Blue Max 1/48th version of this machine, and if I ever do the pulleys will be about the same size and it should look better. Thanks to Tom Morgan for sending some close ups of the Hendon repro to clarify how it all hangs together. Paints are Xtracolour for the CDL, and Humbrol for everything else. Some pastel weathering was engaged in. Please note, the white glue used on the rigging has reflected the flash very badly in a couple of the photos - it's not that bad in real life, honest!

Handley Page 0/100

Kit: Airfix/Rosemont (1:72)

The first of 2009. This was part of a group build for a Dutch modelling forum. I used the Airfix kit with the Roseparts resin conversion set, which consists of new engines, exhausts and 2 airscrews. The latter should be handed, but both mine were the same, so I had to modify one. The markings are taken from Chaz Bowyers book on Handley Page bombers, with a lot of help from the 2 Datafiles. This aircraft appears to have a canon mount in place of the bombsight, as well as a Scarff ring. The one photo doesn't show a Lewis mounted, or for that matter painted/cloth bound props, but this way looks a bit more interesting and isn't impossible. Overal finish is a very, very dark PC10, made from olive drab, dark earth and black Humbrol paints. No scale effects were hurt in this production.

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