von Heretic's mounts
by Ernest Thomas

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von Heretic's Albatros D.V

Kit: Eduard (1:72)

This is the Albatros D.V flown by Ernst von Heretic when he flew with Jasta 5, 1917/1918. Model is 1/72 Eduard(non-profi), OOB. Eduard kit lozenge decals courtesy of Sean Brian Kirby(Thanks Sean)."

Ernest adds:
I finished another von Heretic model. The sad part is, after I took these pictures, I was bringing it back inside and a strong wind came up and blew it off of it's base. It went crashing down onto the cement, breaking the top wing off and the LG. Oh well. It's all about the process, right? :-|

von Heretic's Fokker Dr.I

Kit: Eduard (1:72)


Ernst von Heretic's Dr.I, built from the Eduard kit. Still undecided on what I want to write across the empennage. Updated photos will be posted once that decision is made.

von Heretic's Fokker D.VII

Kit: Monogram (1:48)

Wreckage of D-VII in which Ernst von Heretic made a forced landing after an encounter with an Se-5a of RAF 56Sqdn. von Heretic reported that his guns jammed in a dogfight against the British airman and he made a forced landing on the German side of the trenches rather than let his aircraft fall into enemy hands. For this action, he received his oak leaves for his Blue Max. Shortly before his death in 1964, von Heretic confessed that the incident of the forced landing was, in truth, the result of a mid-air mishap with the 56 Sqdn Se-5a involving an attempted transfer of 2 bottles of schnapps. It seems von Heretic was heavily involved in black market trading with his British counterparts. The identity of the British pilot may never be known; von Heretic took the secret to the grave.
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