Central Powers Aircraft Model Images
by Ernest Thomas

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Albatros D.III

Kit: Eduard (1:48)

Eduard kit, engine from Tom's, Superscale woodgrain decal on the fuselage, rigged with .006 brass wire dipped in Blacken-it.

Bonsch's Albatros D-III

Kit: Roden (1:72)

This is the 1/72 Roden OEF 153 Series Albatros D-III. Flown by Zgsf. Eugen Bonsch, who scored 5 confirmed and 1 unconfirmed victories in this plane. The model was built for the OTF '03 group build, using "der Rote Pfiel" decals courtesy of Chris Anderson.

The mods include brass tubing for the short pipes, brass rod for the radiator plumbing, hypo-tubing for the gun barrels and the standard required mod for Roden kits; cabanes scratched from ..025 styrene rod. In my typical procrastinating fashion, I was attaching the rad plumbing and prop at midnight the night before the mailing deadline to get it to OTF and I wasn't in the mood for an all night rigging party, so it went sans rigging.

Fokker B.II

Kit: Special Hobby (1:48)

Special Hobby 1/48 Fok.B-II cockpit assembly, mostly finished, mostly oob.

Berthold's Fokker D.VII

Kit: Revell (1:28)

Revell 1/28th scale model.

Fokker D.VII

Kit: DML (1:48)

This is built from the DML 1:48 kit, more or less Out-of-box.

Fokker Dr.1

Kit: DML (1:48)

This is built from the DML 1:48 kit, more or less Out-of-box.

Esswein's Fokker Dr.I

Kit: Eduard (1:72)

Eduard 1/72 Dr.I, Otto Esswein, Jasta 26.

Only additions were the plywood fairing panels in the cockpit, which were made from copier paper painted wood color. Streaked wings were done with Humbrol Olive Drab over Humbrol Linen. Black fuselage bands are SusperScale decal film, "E's" are converted from SuperScale swastikas. Rigging is .005 surgical wire blackened with permanent marker. Model was photographed outside in the shade with my digital camera. This will be my entry for the "Mannock Justification Project" for the UK Nats in Telford, Nov. '04. "

Fokker E.III

Kit: Eduard (1:48)

1/48 Eduard kit. Copper foil sheet metal job around the nose as well as the leather trim around the cockpit. Turtle deck sheeted with 10 thou. eveergreen sheet, with detail scribed from underneath, ala St. Harry. Model was build in 1995 or 96 (was it that long ago?) and was my most ambitious detailing/modification project to date.

Game Tokens

1/72 game tokens for use with Blue Max. Kits are Eduard, built oob, and lack rigging and most of the little external details that would be broken off while in use. Stropp is wearing kit supplied lozenge with Aeromaster rib tapes.

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