Allied Models
by George B. Tenediotis

Sopwith Camel F1

Kit: Eduard (1:48)

SOPWITH CAMEL F1, Royal Hellenic Naval Air Service Kazamir Airfield, Smyrni, Asia Minor August 1919

The model depicts Sopwith Camel 1967, one of the machines that initially belonged to the “Z” Squadron operating under British command over the Aegean Sea and then handed over to the –then embryo- Royal Hellenic Naval Air Service. These planes played a very important part on the first half of the ill fated Asia Minor Campaign by granting the Hellenic Air Force supremacy.

The Eduard model (“Profipack” version) was used in PC 12 finish with various modifications and amendments in the cockpit and wing area while all roundels and fin markings were modified to represent the Greek period markings. The model was extensively weathered (for a biplane!) according to existing photos of the actual machines.

Sopwith Camel D 3332

Kit: Eduard (1:48)

The model depicts Sopwith Camel D 3332, a machine piloted by Maj A W “Nick” Carter, a 17 victory ace and CO of No 210 Sqn RAF in the final days of the Great War. The plane which had been the mount of many pilots and formerly belonged to 9 Naval Sqn and then to 204 Sqn, was handed to Maj Carter by Capt E. Swale, a 17 victory ace himself.

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