Radio Control Models
by Thayer Syme

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Fokker E.I

Kit: SR Batteries (1:4)

This 1/4-scale model spans 100 inches and was built from the SR Batteries kit, essentially out of the box. Power is a Model Motor AXI 4130/20 brushless outrunner electric motor and an SR Batteries 24-cell 3000mAh battery pack. All up weight is 17 pounds, 3 ounces. Flight times average 8-9 minutes. I have also flown it with a Zenoah G-26 gas engine. Power is essentially identical; the gas system only adds noise and duration.

The model has some significant deviations from scale, hinged ailerons and elevator instead of wing warping and a full flying stab the most obvious. Regardless, it is a very practical model for general sport flying, and can be rigged for flying in just a few minutes. It is often my model of choice for lunch time flying sessions.

The kit is exceptionally well designed, and goes together very quickly. I had the airframe on the gear and ready to cover in less than 40 hours. Total construction time was under 100 hours, including radio setup, installation of both electric and gas power systems, covering and markings. All markings were hand painted with Nelson Hobby Specialties polyurethane paints, and very slight weathering was applied with MinWax stain.

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