Peter Fedders' Models

The following pictures are of Peter Fedders' models. For more information, contact Charles Duckworth via E-mail at:
Halberstadt from John Cyg kit

Caudron G3 and G4 by AJP models

Eduard DIII converted to a DII using Passchendaele Albatros DII Conversion kit.

AEG GIV by Peter Fedders 1/48th scale model produced by Sierra Models. Last jpg shows all four kits and the huge size of the AEG.

Aviatik (BERG) DI Sierra Models in 1/48th

DFW CV by Sierra Models in 1/48th

Hansa-Brandenburg W.29

Lone Star 1/48th Felixstowe F2A by Peter Fedders.

Lone Star 1/48th Hansa-Brandenburg W20 by Peter Fedders.

Lone Star 1/48th Leveque built by Peter Fedders.

1/48th Lone Star Lohner L built by Peter Fedders.

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