German models
by Pedro Soares

Roden Albatros W4

This is the Roden Albatros W4 built OOB.

Paints used were enamels - Robiallac SMP Creme for the CDL and Humbrol 31 Slate grey for the metal areas of the fuselage.

I tried to create a shadow effect for the ribs and first painted those directly on the plastic with a permanent marker. It was terribly difficult to cover that with the paint afterwards. Maybe I shouldn't have used black...

Wood is my usual base coat of Humbrol sand (63) with "drawn in" grain in buffed watercolour pencil. This time I overcoated the wood with a mix of future and yellow acrylic paint.

As it is apparent on the photos I had some trouble with the final varnish coat that lifted at places, leaving a dirty edge, especially on the leading edge of the wings (due to my handling the model bare handed.... I should know better but I can't work with gloves on).

Anyway, doesn't look too bad from a distance and it is a more than welcome addition to my display shelf.

Siemens Schuckert Werke D.III

1/72nd Toko kit. Built almost straight from the box, with the only additions being several bits and pieces in the cockpit and a windscreen. I used 5 colour lozenge decals from Americal/Gryphon and the rib tapes are strips of the same decal individually cut. Painting was done mostly with household paints (red and grey) that are quite cheap and spray beautifully (Robiallac SMP). Rigging is .12 mm fishing monofilament nylon.

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