Fokker Dr.I
by Pedro Soares

Fokker Dr.I - 1/72nd Revell kit. Used the treatise Steve Hustad wrote on correcting the Revell kit. This was my first try at painting the famous Fokker streaked camouflage and for it I used Tamya acrylic Olive Drab over a base coat of my cheap household paint CDL. After the streaking was done I went again over it with a needle since some streaks came out too wide and after this I used a sepia pastel pencil to do some more streaking. I believe next time I'll try to do it only with the pastel pencil or even try water colour pencils. A coat of future applied with a pencil blended the thing together (the Future picked up some of the pastel dust and created an even colouring which I find quite nice). The yellow is once again cheap supermarket paint out of the bottle, and the underside turquoise is by Extracolor. Since I deleted all traces of ribs on the underside I simulated rib tapes with a turquoise water colour pencil, buffing the pencil lines with a stiff bristle brush until I chieved a nice subdued effect. Decals are by Blue Rider, and Spandau's by duard. Finished as Ltn. Rudolf Klimke's machine from Jasta 27, 1918.

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