by Mark D Smith

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Lohner S30 Amphibious

Kit: Choroszy (1:72)

My second attempt at a resin kit. These things are murder to get straight. Rigging was done with 2/1000" dia. tippet material and turnbuckles and wire braiding with translucent amber polymide tubing.

Lohner Etrich Taube

Kit: Copper State (1:48)

1/48 Copper State Etrich Lohner Taube is comprised of some pretty decent castings, but most of the smaller parts had to be scratch built. One of the goals of this build was to contrast the organic form Igo Etrich derived from the Zanonia leaf pod and relatively crude pre-Weimar Industrial Revolution structural design technology. SCRATCH BUILT: Undercarriage, all External Structural Bracing incl., King Posts, Outriggers, all Rigging Anchor Brackets, all Rigging .003 in. dia. Tippet Line, Amber Polymide Tubing Turnbuckles Spoked Wheels constructed from .002 in. dia. Tippet Line and cast resin tires. Cockpit and Controls and Engine all scratch built from styrene sheet and rod.

Scratchbuilt parts

Most of the Structural details and frame were built from plasticard and rod.


I always try to contrast different materials when painting these things: Wood - Oils over Acrylic base; Leather - Multi-color Acryilic base w/ Oil highlights and shadows; Metals: Usually Alclad or Model Master Metalizer with an oil wash; Transluscent Doped Linen - Wing Structure was pre-shaded in Acrylic, giving the illusion that some daylight trickles through the linen covered wing surfaces.


All rigging .003 dia. Tippet Line, Amber Polymide Tubing Turnbuckles


I used Sanjeev's spoked wheel construction technique and it worked like a charm. .002 in. tippet material was substituted for the spokes and the tire halves came from Copper State.

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