Mark Shannon's Central Powers Models

I build what could be called Almost-Straight-Out-of-the-Box. These are all rigged using transparent nylon sewing thread, and have aftermarket decals. Other than that, most of the specifics I put in are just the bits about thinning part edges and detailing a little more to make things visible.

Pfalz D.III - Hecht's 1370/17, as captured by Entente forces. The model is the Eduard kit, built out of the box with the addition of the coolant pipes tothe engine from copper wire. Photos of these aircraft always seem clean, so I did not do any washes. My interpretation of 'Silbergrau' was 4 parts Humbrol 56 Aluminum, 1 part 130 Semi-gloss white, and one part 129 satin U.S. Gull Gray.

Fokker Dr.I -- Aeromaster's Baumer markings. I didn't know any better than to paint it olive streaked on blue topsides, didn't know the streaking should be much lighter and sparser, didn't know this plane had crosses on the top surface of the bottom wing, that the cowling should have a white or unpainted metal center panel, that it should have a LeRhone engine and Nieuport style propellor, and rib tapes? what are those?..... I was young then, only forty, and I hadn't discovered this list and the Imrie book came out about three months after I took this photo. The model still won a second or third place at the 1997 Austin Scale Model Show (I had two triplane's entered, both placed).

Fokker E.V/D.VIII -- Straight out of the box, with Superscale Lozenge (see notes on the Dr.I). This model won a first place at the 1997 Austin Model Show for 1/48th Scale Biplanes (we all know what they meant), so I was fortunate.

Fokker D.VII -- My second 1/48th. I mixed the red based on the idea that only the top aces could get the bright reds at that stage of the war, so I used a purply-red mix similar to a barn stain. I don't know how authentic the markings are, I just followed the instructions in the ScaleMaster set -- most of the Raben kette Jasta 18 birds had vermillion red forward fuselages, while these were given as black. Kuehne was an Unteroffizier, so maybe he did have a bit less color on his.

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