Mark Shannon's Allied Models

I build what could be called Almost-Straight-Out-of-the-Box. These are all rigged using transparent nylon sewing thread, and have aftermarket decals. Other than that, most of the specifics I put in are just the bits about thinning part edges and detailing a little more to make things visible.

Nieuport 17 - Guynemere's 1530 -- built from the initial Eduard issue kit with the photoetched detail set While it is not visible in these photos, the center section is covered top and bottom with cellophane from a card-deck wrapper, 'glued' down with varnish. I used Floquil 'old silver' for the aluminum dope on fabric areas, and 'bright silver' on wood areas. The cowling was painted 'bright silver' rubbed with SNJ polishing powder, and buffed, and the inspection panels were covered in 'matt'(hunh?) bare metal foil. Rigged with invisible nylon sewing thread in three diameters (I have .006 clear, .004 smoke, .002 smoke, all fromthe local fabric shop). I worked out a way to have the engine and propellor turn, but keep the 'cone de penetracion' static. The engine and propellor are mounted on 1/16" brass tubing, slipped over a 1/32nd brass rod, which is capped by the 'cone'

Morane L - Lt. RN Warneburton's 3253 -- Eduard kit, straight out of the box with Invisible Nylon sewing thread rigging. I used careful mixing and airbrushing to try to depict the translucency of the wings and fuselage.

Se5a -- Monogram's revision of Aurora's old kit. Aside from detailing with Eduard's set and cleaning up the parts well, all I did was replace the struts and rudder. The wings are too thick, and have an elongated tear-drop shape instead of an airofoil, but I wasn't going to try to fix that as I think it would have been simpler to scratch-build the wings. I am wondering aobut the vertical tail - sometimes it looks badly undersized, other times it looks right. PC-10 is 3 parts Humbrol 108 RFC Green plus 1 part 29 Dark Earth - it still looks rather green, here.

Spad 13C1 -- My first 1/48th WWI since the Aurora days, and the first biplane I ever rigged. It's the DML kit, the only touches being the use of the Project Butterfly-based Humbrol color mixes (As found at this site) from the Scale Models articles. The decals are a mix of the kit markings and Aeromaster aftermarket.

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