Dale Sebring's Allied Models

1/40 scale Smer Spad 7 kit

It is built OOB, no interior, with bamboo interplane struts the only thing replacing kit parts. Ceramcoat acrylic paints were used, airbrushed over an enamel primer that is needed for the acrylic to hold on to. The fus, wings and tail bits were all re-shaped to conform more to Spad 7 outlines. The heart marking is a homemade stencil and represents the 77a Squadriglia of the Aeronautica del Regio Escercito based at Marcon in the summer of 1918, according to the Squadron in Action series on the Spad fighters. Drafting tape was used to represent the various ribs and stringers, then the entire airframe was given a nice dusting of artists pastels and a rather stiff brush, followed by a coat of Future to protect it all. Rigging is Deatil Associates .006, .008 and .010" brass wire treated with Blacken-it. Since I was too lazy to scratch a Vickers, this is an un-armed aircraft. A special thanks to Alberto Casirati for his help with this model.

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