Central Powers Aircraft Model Images
by Paul Schwartzkopf

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Waldhausen's Albatros D.V

The Eduards 1/48 Albatros D.V kit built "out of the box" except for some replacement of phot-etched cockpit parts with scratchbuilt ones. Aeromaster lozenge and decals were used to represent a Jasta 37 machine flown by Lt. Hans Waldhausen. Fuselage was painted with Testors Wood, and graining was added using a watercolor pencil. The prop laminations were done in a similar fashion, except using darker colors. The rigging is still to be added at this point, after tail surface control horns are scratchbuilt and attached.

Altemeier's Fokker D.VIII

This is the 1/48 scale DML Fokker D. VIII kit built straight out of the box. I used the decals from Aeromaster sheet 48-197 to finish it as the E. V/D.VIII flown by Offizierstellvertreter Friedrich Altemeier from Jasta 24 during 1918. The serial number of that aircraft is unknown. I decided to use up an old four-color Aeromaster lozenge that I purchased back in the mid '90s.

Fokker E.III

Fokker E.III - Revell 1/72nd kit. Cockpit interior was scratchbuilt. Spandau machine gun is composite of Aeroclub breech, Model Technologies photo-etched jacket, and photo-etched gun sight.

Hansa-Brandenburg D.1

The Eduards 1/48 Hansa Brandenburg kit was built "out of the box" except for a new landing gear axle that was made from brass rod. Kit markings were used. The wings were painted with Testors Model Master Modern Desert Sand and the fuselage was painted with Testors Wood. Graining was added using a watercolor pencil. All metal areas were painted with Testors RLM Gray 02.

Pfalz D.III

This is the Eduard 1/48 scale Pfalz D.III that is one of several projects I am currently working on. I am experimenting on the Silbergrau finish that was used on the Pflaz's. This is Testors Model Master Light Gray, FS 36492, mixed with finely ground aluminum bronzing powder, which is available from some obscure mail order woodworking catalogs.

After the paint dried, the powder left some graininess on the surface. I buffed it out using a soft paper towel, and added a metallic "luster" to the paint and highlighted the raised detail, such as the wing ribs. I don't have this technique perfected, but I think the results show enough promise to try and develop this further.

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