Fokker D.VII models
by Marlon Schultz

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Degelow's Fokker D.VII

Kit: DML (1:48)

My Fokker D.VII are also the 1/48 scale Dragon kits.

I used Gary Altee's Albatros built engine side panels and rad for the Carl Deglow aircraft. The stag is from PD Decals. The lozenge is by Superscale.

Schleich's Fokker D.VII

Kit: DML (1:48)

The second D.VII flown by Eduard Schleich uses Gary Altee's O.A.W. conversion nose with Americal lozenge decals. The Bavarian lion comes from the Aeromaster Albatros decal sheet.

I used references from Greg van Wyngarden and Alex Imrie for the Fokker Dr.I as well as being inspired by those great colour profiles by Ray Rimmel that appear in books published by Albatros Productions. For both Fokker D.VII aircraft I used references from Dan-San Abbott.

Fokker D.VII

Kit: DML (1:48)

This is an imaginary scheme based on fact. I originally wished to build a factory finish Fokker D.VII of the third production batch when I began this kit in 1998. Through it's spurts of construction a few thing changed.

The model received the personal marking of a butterfly in 2002 when I decided it would belong to an unknown Jasta. A number of pilots in different Jasta's used the same personal marking. There are at least three versions of a "winged sword" marking. I thought why not the butterfly. I displayed it on both fuselage sides and turtledeck.

While reading "Fokker D.VII Anthology 3" I found the Jasta 79b information provided Greg Van Wyngarden most interesting.

There appears to be no photographic record of this Jasta's Fokker D.VII aircraft. World War I fighter pilot and artist Rudolf Stark whose notes and sketches on Bavarian Jagdstaffeln show the unit markings consisted of crossing blue and white bands on the uppersurface of the top wing. A tentative illustration based on Rudolf Stark's sketch is included and based on that illustration I added the Jasta 79b markings to my top wing.

It appears that personal markings were featured on the nose, fuselage, and tail.

I though a patriotic Bavarian pilot might have added the blue radiator shell and wheel centres. I cannot confirm it was the same pilot who painted the butterfly. The wheel centres retain the Fokker factory finish on the inside.

I added the Jasta marking over the Christmas season 2003 . The 4 colour lozenge and rib tape is by Americal Gryphon. They are my favourite lozenge decals.

The inside of the fuselage has the same manufacturer's 4 colour reverse lozenge for the fuselage interior. I then mist coat with clear doped linen to simulate the back side of the lozenge pattern printed linen.

Marconnay's Fokker D.VII

Kit: DML (1:48)

This is a 1/48 scale Dragon D.VII built to represent the modified early Fokker-built D.VII of Ltn. Oliver von Beaulieu-Marconnay, Jasta 15Chery-les-Pouilly, August 1918.

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