Baumer's Fokker Dr.I
by Marlon Schultz

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Kit: DML (1:48)

The same method was used on Fokker Dr.I 204/17 , Dr.I 454/17 , and Dr.I 586/17 with the exception of Gunze Sangyo H-321 being used as the base coat.

At one stage in the career of Dr.I 204/17 cross patees were applied to large white cross fields inboard of the interplane struts on the upper surface of both lower wings. These crosses were later painted out and you can barely see them on my model under a thin coat of olive.

I painted Dr.I 454/17 in factory finish and then used thin pale yellow to overcoat in a glaze that allows the factory finish to show through. The crash photos of this triplane show dark aileron. This is my interpretation of the top wing. It received a lighter coat of yellow than the fuselage and horizontal stab.

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