German Models
by Ken Schmitt

Blue Max Pfalz D.XII

Kit: Blue Max (1:48)

Don't know a heck of a lot about this aircraft wasn't a Fokker DVII. This is the Joe Frazier of WW1 fighters. A fine aircraft in the D 7's shadow. Sort of a German Spad (sorry, guys). Der kit: Another Blue Max office job, carve the roast. The guts are the challenge here. Until you get into four N-struts, likewise two cabanes. This is a good kit. There are the fit problems one comes to associate with limited run but when the dust settles, a pretty serviceable aircraft emerges. A datafile would be handy, but it isn't essential. Read everything online I could find, looked at anyone else's Pfalz and set out. There now are some excellent photos in the list reference section handy for this aircraft. First shot at lozenge decal and pretty scary until done. Now I think it's a snap. Yes, there are a lot of rib tapes. When you're finished, you've ... earned your stripes, owdidIsaythat. Check out that radiator, is that WW1 or whut?

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