Armoured vehicles
by Chris Savaglio

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Mk IV Male tank

Kit: Emhar (1:72)

This was done as a break from the CSM Aviatik I'm struggling to finish for an upcoming contest. This is the Emhar 1/72 offering of the Male Mk IV tank. It's built completely out of box. The 6lb gun barrel tubes are drilled out and I put some knicks and dings in the exhaust system. The textured mud is acrylic dullcoat and powdered pastel mixed up into an appropriately textured crud and applied with a brush. The weathering is done by both drybrushing acrylics and pastels. Several colors were haphazardly applied to give the mud some depth and interest.

All in all a very, very easy project and a nice break from the aircraft I've been doing for a long time. I can't remember the last piece of armor I've built. The project was started at 2pm and finished by 9pm of the same day. I think of that time, only 3 hours was actually spent on the tank. The build-up, minus paint, too about an hour and a half. Pretty fun to accomplish something in such a short time.

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