Central Powers
by Aiman Saleem

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Pfalz D.III

Kit: none (1:33)

This is my first German aircraft model from scratch. It took me more then 20 days to construct it and it gave me a lot of head aches. I had to make the fuselage and the lower wing twice to get it right. But all the head aches were worth the final result. Wings are from plywood, fuselage from ordinary wood (don't know the correct name) - exhaust pipes including the engine are also from wood. Tires are made from buttons and wiring between the wings is from ordinary fishing wires. Painted the plane using simple black and silver aerosol paint. It doesn't get airborne, it's a display model. I do not know how other members at wwi-models.org scale their aircraft but mine is 3% of the actual pfalz d.iii, so please explain me the scaling I didn't understand the article at wwi-models.org. Hope you like my model because I aint gonna be making any more models for at least 6 months. This is because my collage is gonna open in a few days and gotta study a lot for my A-Levels.

Brandenburg W.29

Kit: Scratch (1:?)

It has been more than a year since I touched the Brandenburg. I've been busy with university so did not have any time to finish it, but I'm planning to wind it up in my next holidays. I chose to build this plane because it is different from my previous models. All the parts from wood (I don't know which type, but it's the one which has a really nice odour to it). Most of the fabrication time was taken by the fuselage which is still incomplete- need to put the engine and the cockpit. I like the rear gunner's post. Cut out a section of the fuselage and glued another piece to suit the protruding sides. The wing was made out of 1/4" plywood. Since the ply was rigid and difficult to roll/twist, I dipped it in hot water for 5 minutes or so. Then, the wing was twisted while being heated slowly. When the cross-section looked similar to the aerofoil on the plan, I held it in that position and increased the intensity of heat. In a few minutes the ply became rigid with its new shape. P.S: If the gurus find anything odd in the parts please do tell so that I can fix them.

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