Austro-Hungarian Aircraft Models
by Karen Rychlewski

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Aviatik (Berg) D.I

Kit: Sierra (1:48)

Aeroclub metal parts, Americal/Gryphon national markings

The camoflage pattern was hand painted with a stiff brush.

Fokker B.I (M 10)

Kit: Eduard, Lone Star (1:48)

May, 2003

This plane was flown by the Austro-Hungarians from late September 1914 until the end of the war. 39 B.Is were purchased and saw service on all the Austrian fronts, then became trainers.

The model is a kit bash with parts from the 1/48 Eduard Fokker E.III, the Lone Star E.III, and a lot of scratchbuilding: primarily the upper wing and lengthened fuselage. I began building it about 10 years ago, then let it collect dust on my bench until recently, and it's now served as a test-bed for multifarious techniques discovered on the wwi-modelers list. Things I've tried for the first time include brush-painting MisterKit acrylic paints, colored pencils and watercolor pencils for detailing and weathering, brass PE turnbuckles, stitching, and strut attachments, Bare Metal Foil on the metal panels and cowling, plain and CDL-tinted Future, and weathering powders. It's been a long, strange trip...

June 2003

Bottom side is basically finished except for touch up and mucking up the tires. Undercarriage was scratched from styrene rod and brass tube; wire wheels are Fotocut items; tail skid and its bracing are kit pieces, suitably thinned and reshaped; engine is cast metal (don't remember where I got it from--maybe the Lone Star kit) with wire pushrods, spark plugs and their wires added; and windshield is a bit of clear plastic sheet from the warehouse with the bracket painted on.


Lohner Type T Flying boat

Kit: Wings (1:72)

Model represents the Austro-Hungarian Lohner Type T, serial L47, flown over the Adriatic Sea and forced down by Italian aircraft in April, 1916. This plane served as the model for a series of Italian Macchi flying boats.

The Wings/72 kit is of a Lohner Type L.conversion to a Type T required scratchbuilt ailerons of a different shape and altering the wing strut arrangement from two pair each side to three pair each side; the front decking was also reshaped. Model was brush-painted overall; national markings are kit decals and serial number was hand-painted. Rigging is .invisible. nylon monofilament thread.

Phönix D.I

Kit: Airframe (1:72)

Aeroclub metal parts.

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