Allied Models
by Tom Ruprecht

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Roden Felixstowe F.2A (in progress)

Kit: Roden (1:72)

These are the Rolls Royce Eagles from the Roden kit. A fellow modeler and I are doing two of these in tandem, eventually to be displayed on a scratchbuilt launching ramp/dock as in the Datafile. I am doing N4512 with the red/white paisley pattern and he's doing the later Saunders version with vertical blue stripes.

Including the Part PE, the engine bearers and petrol tank, each engine has 45 parts by my count. We are trying as hard as we can to build these OOB, except for the PE. Otherwise I would probably scratch the water pipes, which are too thick.

Macchi M.5

Kit: Scratch (1:72)

1/72 Macchi M.5 Scratchbuilt with sheet styrene and Squadron putty. In those days I didn't have as many references a today, and didn't realize that there should be writing on the rear fuselage. The sharkmouth is freehand painted. Although I was 16 or 17 years old at the time, this is still one of my favorites from that era.

Nieuport 28

Kit: Revell (1:72)

Revell 1/72 Nieuport 28, mostly out of box, but cut out control surfaces and a little cockpit imagination. My rigging method in those days was drilling holes at the base of the struts, and trying to get the longest run possible with one piece of monofilament, using a mix of tube and liquid glue. Decals Micro Scale in Douglas Campbell's markings.

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