Central Powers Aircraft
by Charles Robinson

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Albatros D.III

Kit: Roden (1:72)

Roden kit, 1/72 scale. Fuselage done with MM Wood then a watercolor pencil followed by a couple of overcoats of Tamiya clear yellow. Wings and tailplane are Mister Kit A/H CDL. Individual markings from A/G. An enjoyable build although the 3 piece wing can be a real pain sometimes!

Fokker Dr.I

Kit: Eduard (1:72)

Here is my Eduard Fokker DR.1. Mister Kit was used for the CDL and green streaking. Polyscale was used for the underside color. Decals are from the new Eduard DR.1 combo kit. I think the streaking looks just ok, haven't decided yet. Oh well, practice, practice, practice.

Phonix D.II

Kit: MAC (1:72)

s is the MAC 1/72 Phonix D.II. Nice kit but I replaced the interplane struts with bamboo. Started out using Mister Kit paints but I thought the mottle looked a little light. Switched to Polyscale instead and think maybe I went to dark. I still like it and I had fun building it!

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