American Model Images
by Don Ralston

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Curtiss JN-4

Kit: Lindberg (1:48)

This is the Lindberg 1/48 Curtiss Jenny. A very straightforward build once some missing struts were replaced - by curtesy of Lance. The aircraft looked naked until I put on some PART turnbuckles. Some people don't like 'em as not being true to scale, but I think they give an impression of an old stringbag (Pause for howls of protest). Prop by Marty Digmayer via CSM.

Loenig M-8

Kit: Planet (1:48)

This is the Planet 1/48 Loenig M-8. OOB plus prop and boss from CSM. My thanks to Matt for photos of the Navy version and his IM article on the 1/72 Loenig M-8-1, it inspired me with the colour scheme, rather than another plain CDL model.

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